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From Out of the Clear Blue of the Western Internet …

Comes Sky King! Sky King was a television series that ran in the US in the 50’s (see the Wikipedia link above for the convoluted history of networks and run times) that was based on a radio series by the … Continue reading

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AirVenture 2008 – Day 3.1: Wait! What About Days 2 and 3?!?!

They’re coming, honest. In the meantime, I wanted to share the breaking news of whom I was quite pleased to have met tonight, thanks to some mutual acquaintances. I didn’t ask to have a picture taken, though naturally I was … Continue reading

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Mike – We Have a Guest! We are NOT Going to Taco Bell!

“If you’re ever in the Bay Area, you should head out to the Nut Tree and say hello to Duncan Miller … he’s been around a long time … still flies, and has hangars full of interesting stuff. If you’re … Continue reading

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Recent Feedback, Part 2: The Jaw-Droppingly Peculiar Kind

Note: Anything in the following that might remotely resemble an opinion is mine and mine alone, and reflects neither the stuff nor the things of the Microsoft Corporation, its subsidiaries, associates, customers, antitrust investigators, or anyone who ever has or … Continue reading

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Recent Feedback, Part 1: The Good Kind

Not too long ago, I published a few million words on FSInsider about my role demonstrating Flight Simulator X to His Royal Highness Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant, Prince of Belgium. For those of you that read me here but … Continue reading

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Which American Incompetence Envies Afghanistan – Smallpox or Facebook?

I spend a lot of my workday these days tinkering with web stuff. I’m no stranger to the mysterious vagaries nor the vague mysteries of dynamic content roll-up queries and the like, nor am I an expert. I know just … Continue reading

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Sometimes, You Just Obey the Box

The other day, someone on the Flight Sim team sent around a screenshot of an early version of FS, side-by-side with a contemporary shot from Acceleration. This started a lot of us stumbling down amnesia lane, sending screenshots and other … Continue reading

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All the People That Come and Go Stop and Say Hello

Well, perhaps not all of them; I’ve never been particularly good at hypobole … But a number of visitors to this edge of the Internet do take a moment to post a comment or send an email. More often than … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Long, Cold, Lonely Winter

And it’s only November … This particular winter started, as near as I can tell, about the end of July, when Gerry Beck was killed in a landing accident at Oshkosh. Then, three pilots – Steve Dari, Brad Morehouse, and … Continue reading

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Coincidence? This Time, That Just Makes Me Worry About What’s Next …

Ian Fleming’s classic James Bond novel Goldfinger is divided, like most fiction has been since there was such a thing, into three acts. Taken from a line of dialogue spoken by the book’s eponymous villain, they are Happenstance, Coincidence, and Enemy … Continue reading

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