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A Delicate Sound of Blue Thunder

Have I no shame? Actually, I do, but I’m about to squander the last of it away like Jack giving away his cow, without even some magic beans, much less their subsequent beanstalk, to show for it. I collect DVDs, and have … Continue reading

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Inattention to Detail

Is unlike me. Details are really all I have. In the second episode of one of my personal favorite television shows of all time, Futurama, characters in the year 3000 rediscover the original Apollo 11 lunar landing site while visiting … Continue reading

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If You’d Like to Learn More About Finland …

Why not ring Mr. Griffith, of Hemel Hempstead? However, if you’d prefer to learn more about my recent trip to Canada, have a look at my latest piece on the FSInsider website, right there on the Internets.

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Happy 30th, Apple II

My friends (and bonus extra family) the Flints were early adopters of the idea of being early adopters. Among the many ways they changed my life when I was wee, in addition to showing me the first VCR I’d ever … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Back in the Present

Last week, I spent several days in 1941, flying the aircraft that were the backbone of Canada’s British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. At more than 230 sites, "the Plan" trained 131,553 aircrew from four nations. Had this not all taken … Continue reading

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