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Just Call Me Roger Windsock

The latest ephemeral film added to my personal collection is this classic from the U.S. Air Force about an obsessive airport kid. Animated by the well-respected Gene Deitch,  in a Chuck-Jones-meets-Quisp-Cereal sort of style, the film is a love letter … Continue reading

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Niaga Ton!

In my continuing quest to vent my irritation at the mistakes of everyone in the world but me, I’ve written here about strange messages from machines (mojay and NO2), and, more recently, about things that are printed backwards by people … Continue reading

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Yeah, What He Said

I’m not normally a big fan of writing something here just to tell you to go look over there, but in this case, I’m happy to make an exception. My friend and esteemed once-and-future* colleague Mike Singer has written two … Continue reading

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