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Dear Apple – My Music Player Has Been Talking to Me Since 2003

And it listens, too. And usually understands.  Usually. Even before I left Microsoft, I was never an angry Apple-basher. Any grumbling I did about them was usually motivated by a slightly begrudging envy about how intuitive their products are and … Continue reading

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I’m unemployed for the first time in 12 years. My group, the Microsoft studio responsible for Flight Simulator, Train Simulator, and ESP, was closed in January. My severance package included 60 days’ paid leave with recruiting support to find a … Continue reading

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Australia – Before and After

More proof that the smartest thing we (Microsoft) ever did while building the Flight Simulator series was to build it as a platform, enabling third-party developers to build things like this. Or at least do our best to stay out … Continue reading

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