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Twin Tales of Customer Service

Customer service, like every country ever written about in a junior high school social studies paper, is a land of contrasts. Here are two brief examples I’ve encountered recently, one great, the other…the opposite of that. The Anti-GreatA couple of … Continue reading

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Catching up by cheating: latest videos

For those that haven’t found these elsewhere, here’s a few videos I’ve posted over the last several weeks. First, a clip called “Welcome to Cornell”, showing my first crack at a PT-26, the appetizer before an amazing ham dinner at … Continue reading

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Rebooting a Franchise

It worked for Batman. It worked for Apollo and Starbuck. James Bond did it, and so did Kirk, Spock, and Optimus Prime. Even G.I. Joe and the fascist space lizards of V are going to give it a shot. And … Continue reading

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AVSIM Hacked

I just received this stunning, disturbing press release from the CEO and Publisher of I’m publishing it here not only to reach my direct audience, but to ensure that it is picked up on MSDN as well. My thoughts … Continue reading

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Good Music, Good Business

Or, why I love the Internet, Vol. MCXXI … A few months ago, I found myself completely entranced by a video of a young woman on the Internet. While this sort of thing is not  uncommon amongst broadband-connected men of … Continue reading

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Hal P. Bryan, Super Genius

My business cards, both my last cards from Microsoft and my current "between jobs" variant, read "Hal P. Bryan, Super Genius." When presented with one of these, most people get a good laugh out of my particular brand of mildly … Continue reading

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Dear Apple – My Music Player Has Been Talking to Me Since 2003

And it listens, too. And usually understands.  Usually. Even before I left Microsoft, I was never an angry Apple-basher. Any grumbling I did about them was usually motivated by a slightly begrudging envy about how intuitive their products are and … Continue reading

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I’m unemployed for the first time in 12 years. My group, the Microsoft studio responsible for Flight Simulator, Train Simulator, and ESP, was closed in January. My severance package included 60 days’ paid leave with recruiting support to find a … Continue reading

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Australia – Before and After

More proof that the smartest thing we (Microsoft) ever did while building the Flight Simulator series was to build it as a platform, enabling third-party developers to build things like this. Or at least do our best to stay out … Continue reading

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Just Call Me Roger Windsock

The latest ephemeral film added to my personal collection is this classic from the U.S. Air Force about an obsessive airport kid. Animated by the well-respected Gene Deitch,  in a Chuck-Jones-meets-Quisp-Cereal sort of style, the film is a love letter … Continue reading

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