Just Call Me Roger Windsock

The latest ephemeral film added to my personal collection is this classic from the U.S. Air Force about an obsessive airport kid. Animated by the well-respected Gene Deitch,  in a Chuck-Jones-meets-Quisp-Cereal sort of style, the film is a love letter to the airplane, showing how it allowed the rest of the world to come see how we live. (The " … and bask in our obvious superiority!" is mercifully left unspoken.)

Listen for the "Roger, Roger" joke at least 30 years before Airplane!

This post, like the film,  was produced by the Jam Handy Organization.

Click the pic.

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2 Responses to Just Call Me Roger Windsock

  1. John says:

    Do you think he grew up to be Roger Ramjet?Seriously, I enjoyed it, all the way up to the point where they said that all the capitals of the world are in the Northern hemisphere – as an Australian, I can\’t agree with that at all, I\’m afraid.Jingoistic? A little, but a great little film, IMHO.John G

  2. ecTuber.com says:


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