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Mr. Mojay Risin’ …

In today’s world of mod cons like cell phones, electric mail, and constant messaging, I never buy stamps. On those rare occasions that I actually need them, I simply make my own, thanks to the miracle of blank labels, ink-jet … Continue reading

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Out Here in the Fields

AirVenture, Day Last +1 Driving south on 41 from the Super 8, I took my last look for the year at the few remaining bits of AirVenture detritus that are left at the airport. Most of what used to be … Continue reading

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Wait … I’m Not Sure I Saw Everything …

AirVenture, Day Last Today was unusually quiet, though you’d never have known it by looking at me, zipping around on the golf cart, hauling boxes off to a shipping vendor, making last minute stops to see friends and business partners … Continue reading

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Get Some Rest, for Tomorrow We Tear Down …

AirVenture, Day 6 Today was yet another day that didn’t seem to have a particular theme. I was only in the booth for a couple of hours, but did some very well received demos to a few of the seemingly … Continue reading

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It Only Looks Like A Cop-Out

(But it wouldn’t if I had Roy’s camera. And his talent.) AirVenture, Day 5 Today’s stint on the show grounds was more of the same – to be clear, that’s a good thing. Customers came to the booth in droves … Continue reading

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A Promise is a Promise

AirVenture, Day 4.1 I said that I’d post twice today, so here I am, about to fail to put the "fun" in "perfunctory": Be sure to keep an eye on Roy’s blog as well as mine. His latest post on … Continue reading

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Excuse Me, I Seem to Have Dropped Your Name

AirVenture, Day 4 After last night’s neuronic-jam-session of discussions, I was tired, wired, got to bed late, and slept poorly for all of two hours or so. I woke up with a nasty conversation hangover, and the whole day was … Continue reading

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