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Catching up by cheating: latest videos

For those that haven’t found these elsewhere, here’s a few videos I’ve posted over the last several weeks. First, a clip called “Welcome to Cornell”, showing my first crack at a PT-26, the appetizer before an amazing ham dinner at … Continue reading

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Just Call Me Roger Windsock

The latest ephemeral film added to my personal collection is this classic from the U.S. Air Force about an obsessive airport kid. Animated by the well-respected Gene Deitch,  in a Chuck-Jones-meets-Quisp-Cereal sort of style, the film is a love letter … Continue reading

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G L O R-I-A!

The latest post from Fearless Widget, a video homage to an airplane I know well – the lovely Miss Gloria!  

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On Yellow Wings

    Last summer, I had the good fortune to meet Rob Kostecka while I was visiting the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, ON. Rob noticed my Tiger Moth lapel pin (yes, I’m aware that I have a problem) … Continue reading

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First Moth Passengers – A Happy Thanksgiving, Indeed!

  From L-R: Me, my wife, Muffy, and my dad, Hal. (Photo by Al Gay.)   Earlier this month, my wife Muffy and my dad (who also goes by "Hal" but I’m not "Hal Jr." – it’s complicated) and I … Continue reading

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Things You Don’t See Everyday

First of all, here’s a clip of a 747 doing a "low and over" in Portugal. Not quite "acrobatic" as the original YouTube post suggests (though the climbing turn at the end might break through 60 degrees of bank …), … Continue reading

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Who is John Galt?

That question opens (and recurs in) a book called Atlas Shrugged, by novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand. Galt is described, indirectly, as the “…man who said that he would stop the motor of the world—and did.” In the story (does a 51 … Continue reading

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Buy This. Right Now.

Updated: See the YouTube trailer below! I have previously disclosed on this site, more than once, my habit of collecting DVDs, especially those that have anything, whatsoever, to do with flying. There is, apparently, a masochistic underpinning to this, because … Continue reading

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Be Just Like John Travolta!

No, not Sweathog Travolta. Not Vincent Vega Travolta. Not even Battlefield Earth Travolta. No, in this case, you can be like Airliner Pilot Travolta thanks to the Interweb and this great and surprisingly high-res VR view of an A380 cockpit … Continue reading

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Free Soup – 5,764 Kilometers That-a-Way

The latest Electric Moth, a regular email update from the de Havilland Moth Club in the UK, included the following invitation, something that is nearly as irresistible as it is British: Tiger Moths at CambridgeSaturday 26 January will be the … Continue reading

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