First Moth Passengers – A Happy Thanksgiving, Indeed!


From L-R: Me, my wife, Muffy, and my dad, Hal. (Photo by Al Gay.)


Earlier this month, my wife Muffy and my dad (who also goes by "Hal" but I’m not "Hal Jr." – it’s complicated) and I spent the weekend in Guelph, Ontario, my home-away-from-home-with-better-airplanes. Among other things, we celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving with an outdoor feast, the sort of dinner that starts before noon, and gets bigger and bigger as more people showed up and / or flew in. In addition to Thanksgiving, I was celebrating having flown my first Moth passengers – my wife and my dad. They’d both flown with me a number of times before over the years, but giving them rides in a Moth let finally and fully claim the title of "barnstormer."

In addition to the usual suspects in Guelph, my friend Al Gay of Flight Ontario came out for a visit, and was kind enough to take the picture that kicks off this piece.

There were, as always, lots of other adventures on that trip – starting with AVIS having no record, whatsoever, of me having reserved a rental car (they even let me use their computers to try to prove them wrong) and ending with a sunset that was maddeningly beautiful, almost offensive in its brilliance. Here are some pictures to tell a bit more of the tale (photos by Muffy and Hal Bryan):

An AVIS Preferred Customer at work. Giving my dad the 50-cent (CDN) tour. A Fleet Finch and Woody the Tiger Moth holding short. Miss Gloria overflying the circuit.
Me on takeoff. Me slipping in on very short final, while dad snaps pictures. Tiger Boy Steve Gray beating up the field in the 5/8 scale Hurricane. Aeronca-tack! Rotten and Tiny on a low and over.
Rotten – Over the moon. On final with dad.
The aerodrome at dusk. The moon rises over the Yale. Debriefing at Tim Hortons: (L-R: Dad, Glenn, Bob, Don, Michelle.) Snapped out the car window, this picture perfectly fails to do the scene justice.
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3 Responses to First Moth Passengers – A Happy Thanksgiving, Indeed!

  1. Scott says:

    Hal, I was wondering why you hadn\’t posted anything in a while.  I\’m glad to see you were enjoying yourself.  I do envy the Moth flying you\’ve been able to do, it looks absolutley fantastic.  Keep up the great work and maybe we can get together for lunch soon?

  2. Christian says:

    Thanks for sharing story and photos!

  3. Owen says:

    Simply awesome!! What a wonderful way to spend some vacation time!

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