On Yellow Wings


Last summer, I had the good fortune to meet Rob Kostecka while I was visiting the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, ON. Rob noticed my Tiger Moth lapel pin (yes, I’m aware that I have a problem) and introduced himself. It turns out the Rob flies Moths as well – in his case for Vintage Wings of Canada out of Gatineau, QC. VWOC’s collection also includes a Harvard, a P-51, a Spitfire, a Fairey Swordfish, and a de Havilland Fox Moth, and they fly the lot, which is, of course, fantastic. Anyway, Rob has written a wonderful piece for the VWOC web site called "On Yellow Wings", about his summer as a Moth pilot. It’s a great read, and, like all of the rest of the site, it’s beautifully photographed and presented. Click the image and have a look.

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