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From Out of the Clear Blue of the Western Internet …

Comes Sky King! Sky King was a television series that ran in the US in the 50’s (see the Wikipedia link above for the convoluted history of networks and run times) that was based on a radio series by the … Continue reading

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Who is John Galt?

That question opens (and recurs in) a book called Atlas Shrugged, by novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand. Galt is described, indirectly, as the “…man who said that he would stop the motor of the world—and did.” In the story (does a 51 … Continue reading

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AirVenture 2008 Days 6 & 7: Endgame

If you read the cleverly titled (because I titled it) blog Information Mike, written by friend and colleague Mike Singer, you’ll see that, earlier in the Oshkosh week, we took a trip to a place called Fisk and watched the … Continue reading

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AirVenture 2008 Day 5: Do the Yak!

I decided to go ahead and finish the story and just replace the previous post with this one. This event was clearly the most notable of my Day 5, so I think it deserves its own full-ish post. Congratulations to … Continue reading

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AirVenture 2008 Day 4: End-to-End

This one began with something that began a few years ago as a nice gesture, evolved into a tradition, and now, thanks to me and my soulless corporate approach to things, has become mandatory: the patented Hal Bryan AirVenture End-to-End … Continue reading

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AirVenture 2008 Day 3: Am I the Only One Who Didn’t Think That Was Lunch?

No, I wasn’t, as it happens. You see, I’d been invited to an executive luncheon to discuss some partnership opportunities best left undetailed. It was a great meeting, but the meal itself was jarring. It started with a fruit salad … Continue reading

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AirVenture 2008 Day 2: I Can Sorta See the Future From Here, Maybe

Those of you that read my post on FSInsider entitled Of Jetpacks and Autogiros knew that I was especially looking forward to seeing the unveiling of the Martin JetPack, which happened on Tuesday morning at Aeroshell Square. The area was … Continue reading

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