From Out of the Clear Blue of the Western Internet …

Comes Sky King!

Sky King was a television series that ran in the US in the 50’s (see the Wikipedia link above for the convoluted history of networks and run times) that was based on a radio series by the same name. It featured the adventures of the titular character, a rancher and pilot, and his niece Penny, a pretty and blonde Robin to Sky’s Batman. The plots usually involved some wayward criminals passing through the area, the local sheriff needing help, and Sky flying his airplane (first a Cessna T-50, then a Cessna 310) to the rescue, landing on a dirt road in the desert and punching the bad guys in the head.

I have a soft spot for the show since the first airplane I ever flew was a Cessna T-50, and, as my friend Glenn hates me pointing out, at Oshkosh in 1989, I not only got to fly one of the T-50’s used in the series, I waved an original screen-used Sky King cowboy hat out the window when we taxied by the crowd.

The whole series is now available on DVD, or, thanks to the good people at American Flyers, you can watch most of the episodes online here – click the logo above to watch the first episode right now.

My thanks go to my friend Bruce of BruceAir for sending the link, and for undoubtedly giggling quietly to himself about my use of the word "titular."

If you’re inspired by the flying in the show and want to take a virtual T-50 around the patch, Alphasim’s version is now freeware and can be had at Simviation. (Note: the red one is our family airplane (though ours has never been on floats to my knowledge.))

In the meantime, why not reach for Nabisco?!? After all, the bright red seal on the package end means mighty good cookin’ inside, my friend … Or at least have a look at the NabiscoWorld web site, which is almost certainly the only place on the whole Interweb where you can download a recipe for Crunchy Stuffed Zucchini Boats whilst playing a spirited round of Nut Vendor.

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3 Responses to From Out of the Clear Blue of the Western Internet …

  1. Scott says:

    "I not only got to fly one of the T-50\’s used in the series, I waved an original screen-used Sky King cowboy hat out the window when we taxied by the crowd."
    Oh yeah, well I parked my Dad\’s ultralight NEXT to the T-50 in your Dad\’s hangar, and I looked at it a lot…   so there.

  2. Francois says:

    What\’s a T-50 ?And what am I doing here ??

  3. Bobby says:

    Strange that I overlooked this post earlier.  It\’s been so long since I\’ve heard mention of \’Sky King\’ I was caught off guard and jolted to attention that you had made this entry. Man did I have to pause for awhile remembering \’back in the day\’, (I believe right around 1979), how excited we were to put Kirby up in our home for a weekend at a time when he would make appearances in central Florida from time to time. My parents were into theater and were great friends with he and his family. At the time I was a clueless Junior in High School and heard of mention but didn\’t know who he was until introduced to him in our home… obviously I became a huge fan afterward.

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