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I Get Too Many Magazines

My people aren’t available to provide the current monthly subscription count on such short notice, but last time I checked, it’s somewhere in the low-to-mid 40’s. Really.  The fact that I’m roughly three-quarters meticulous about keeping the stack organized and … Continue reading

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Dysfunction Junction …

What’s your major malfunction? Some days, it’s communication. Any time you get a group of bright, enthusiastic, easily distracted people working together, it can create what we like to think of as a "dynamic workplace" – ideas popping like puffmais, and … Continue reading

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They Like Us, Right Now, They Like Us!

It seems like only 19 days ago that I announced that Flight Simulator X had been nominated for "Simulation Game of the Year" by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Well, we won! And congrats to fellow MGS title … Continue reading

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The Biggest Double-Brainer in the History of Earth

Forgive me for a moment while I bash a hole in the fourth wall and violate the first rule of snarky inside references and actually explain the title of this particular post. There’s a company that advertises on a number … Continue reading

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Sublime …

Fresh from the editing software of someone called TPV71 comes this remarkable tour of FS2004 and FSX enhanced with some fantastic add-ons. I have to agree with the person called ChrisMOd who says that this should be a commercial for … Continue reading

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Oh, Come On!

Last night, I watched a bit of Top Ten Bombers on the Military Channel (formerly Discovery: Wings, RIP). One of the honorees, and rightly so, was the Avro Lancaster. While it was a little surprising that they didn’t mention the … Continue reading

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Big Rocks and Long Props – Volume II

For anyone who has seen Volume I, then you know that Volume II is a must have. If you haven’t seen either of them, check out this teaser for Volume I: Even non-pilots can see that this is some remarkable … Continue reading

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Service Pack One if By Land, DirectX Ten if by Sea

Recently, one of our MVP’s (Most Valuable Professionals), Nick Whittome (a fellow I’m moderately proud to call a friend to the extent that it gets me generous gifts of whiskey) posted a bit to his blog that I thought I … Continue reading

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