I Get Too Many Magazines

My people aren’t available to provide the current monthly subscription count on such short notice, but last time I checked, it’s somewhere in the low-to-mid 40’s. Really. 

The fact that I’m roughly three-quarters meticulous about keeping the stack organized and keeping only the most current issues makes our home look like a dentist’s office from ten years in the future, with fewer lead vests and less drilling. Thankfully, it’s my only vice. Yes, I know in a previous post, I referred to another "only vice" – no, not French prostitutes, but compulsive DVD collecting.

So there’s clearly no contradiction here: subscribing to magazines and buying DVDs … that is my only vice.

But I digress.

Anyway, given that the number of subscriptions I have is already several miles north of ridiculous (just outside of Simpleton), one more couldn’t possibly hurt.

How happy I was, then, to have rediscovered an old favorite from down under – Classic Wings. One of the best classic / warbird magazines around, Classic Wings is a lighter and glossier FlyPast with an Australia / New Zealand bent, so in addition to lots of Spitfires and Moths and things, you’ll find things like Winjeels, Wirraways, and Warbirds over Wanaka.

As one of the least discriminating magazine connoisseurs I know, I highly recommend it.

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8 Responses to I Get Too Many Magazines

  1. Owen says:

    So does Muffy also wear the hat of being librarian to your massive \’zine and DVD collection?Speaking of DVDs – since you are such an addict, what recent DVD purchases would you recommend to your aviation audience?  We know your thoughts on Fly Boys. :)Best,Owen

  2. Hal says:

    No, Owen, I\’m afraid the labors of inventory fall to me!
    My most recent aviation DVD purchase was this: http://www.vectoredflight.com/ though I haven\’t seen it yet. I can also recommend "One Six Left", the companion to "One Six Right".
    I\’m sure I\’ll post a review once I get my copy of the Great Circle Air Safari … it looks gorgeous!
    Thanks for always reading, my friend!
    – Hal

  3. Unknown says:

    At least you have magazines of interest. Running a company selling reproduction period light switches doesn\’t leave one with the the most ideal reading matter! It\’s easy to tire of magazines such as "Period House".

  4. Robert Bruce says:

    Hal – this one vice I can readily identify with – only thing is I never through mine out Lol – still it\’s a nice vice to have and very useful at times.

    – Rob

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