Prequently Asked Questions

Now that the cat is out of the bag, or, more to the point, the Adrenaline is out of the adrenal gland, I wanted to follow up a bit more informally here with answers to a few questions I suspect we’ll be getting.

Q: Shouldn’t everybody on the Flight Sim team be working on SP1 for FSX, fixing that and getting it released sooner, instead of worrying about something that you’re going to sell, later?

A: No. Work on the Expansion Pack is not diverting people from work on Service Pack 1 or the DX10 update. All this means is that everybody is working on something new and interesting for FSX, which I think is great news.

Q: Does this mean that we have to buy the Expansion Pack to get the DX10 update?

A: No. The plans for the DX10 update haven’t changed – that will be a free download as soon as it’s finished.

Q: Since you’re including some new aircraft and missions, aren’t you competing with the third party community that has done so much for you and your customers?

A: No. The Expansion Pack will enhance the core FSX platform, and provide new functionality for the add-on community to build on. As always, we’re just seeding the waters, to coin a pointless mixed metaphor.

Q: Won’t the Expansion Pack require Vista, forcing us to upgrade?

A: No. Do we think it will look that much prettier on DX10 hardware (which does require Vista) and potentially encourage people to upgrade? Sure. But it will be a great value-add for customers using XP as well. Believe it or not, we can’t actually force you to do anything.

Q: What is the capital of Nebraska?

A: The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln.

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