It Only Looks Like A Cop-Out

(But it wouldn’t if I had Roy’s camera. And his talent.)

AirVenture, Day 5

Today’s stint on the show grounds was more of the same – to be clear, that’s a good thing. Customers came to the booth in droves and asked questions chosen from the usual palette. Ideas were kicked around with friends, contacts, and partners both current and potential. A lot of dots were connected to a lot of other dots. In other words, the business of being here was unremarkably superlative, and the day ended up being far more about what was seen, rather than what was done or said.

With that, then, a few pictures to try to capture some key, if arbitrary, highlights.

Do I find them, or they me? A Stearman, tucked in and dozing off.
Someday, I’ll work for this guy. Dale "Snort" Snodgrass headed out on a mid-day sortie. Also pictured, in the rear seat: Not Me
Portrait of an Imbecile, As Seen in a Spinner (aka: Shiny!) The world’s only flying DH-4, once the backbone of the US Air Mail.
Remember where we parked. A little Doolittle.
Rule #4 of the Ronnie Van Zant School of Management: Be a Simple Man. There’s something about shooting the classics at sunset.
Harvest Mooney … Hail Columbia …
There’s always room in the sky for a Super Cub.
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  1. Who says:

    Nice blog Hal, I am also into flight simulation and seriously considering about building a B737NG cockpit.

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