Two Posts Tomorrow, I promise!

AirVenture, Day 3

As the title suggests, it’s late-ish, and I am absolutely drained. not so much because of the hour or the lean sleep schedule, but because of the sheer volume of communication I’ve been at the center of today. For some reason, it reminded me of Laurie Anderson’s song Strange Angels, specifically the line "It was one of those days, larger than life, when your friends came to dinner and they stayed the night." Most of the people involved weren’t friends initially, not all of them came to dinner, and none of them stayed the night. Otherwise, however, it’s spot on.

I’m a connector, and a connoisseur of good coincidences, and at one point this evening, I found myself half-conducting a symphony of both, surrounded by people who wondered if there might be a rip in space time. I’ve known stronger, deeper, and more synchronistic instant connections, but certainly not many. For anyone who can catch the reference, tonight’s conversation might easily have ended with a room full of people asking "Eagle river?!" in unison.

Remind me, and I’ll post all about it tomorrow night. In the meantime, though, here’s a couple of pictures – in one of them, Roy is getting some close up shots of a Hawker Sea Fury before climbing in, and in the other, I’m trying on Dale Snodgrass’ Mustang for size, getting acquainted with the cockpit while seemingly not listening to a word he says.

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