Yeah, What He Said

I’m not normally a big fan of writing something here just to tell you to go look over there, but in this case, I’m happy to make an exception. My friend and esteemed once-and-future* colleague Mike Singer has written two great pieces that deserve all the attention they can get. In the aftermath of the closure of our studio at Microsoft and the fact that our jobs "went kablooee", as he so eloquently put it, Mike offers some fantastic perspective.

First, he reminds us what every pilot needs to remember when faced with a crisis: Fly the Airplane. When things go bad, you have to prioritize, and his insights are a wonderful and I daresay inspirational refresher course.

In his follow-up, It’s a game, it’s a simulation, it’s a … platform!, he offers the best and most concise encapsulation of what this whole Flight Simulator thing has been about for the past 27+ years that I’ve come across.

With both of these articles, it’s as if Mike took the words right out of my mouth. Then, after taking them out of my mouth, it’s as if he dried them off, looked them over, replaced them with good ones in a different order and then published them.

Do give them a read if you haven’t seen them already.

*-Mike and I have too much fun scheming about things for this to be the end of our professional collaboration!

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