AirVenture 2008 – Day 3.1: Wait! What About Days 2 and 3?!?!

They’re coming, honest. In the meantime, I wanted to share the breaking news of whom I was quite pleased to have met tonight, thanks to some mutual acquaintances.

I didn’t ask to have a picture taken, though naturally I was tempted. By not taking a picture, I can stagger off to sleep pretending that we’re peers, and that I wasn’t in any way just another fan, reverting to the me from 31 years ago at the first handshake.

Insert obligatory (and apropos) reference to "delusions of grandeur" here, and kindly enjoy the artist’s conception of how the untaken picture might have turned out.

In answer to the inevitable questions:

1. Gracious and patient.

2. Strong, with a shoulder squeeze and good eye contact.

3. No.

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3 Responses to AirVenture 2008 – Day 3.1: Wait! What About Days 2 and 3?!?!

  1. Jim says:

    I always wondered how Chewbacca would be in real life.  You must be so proud!

  2. Francois says:

    Hi Hal, Steve already said \’hi\’ from me 😉 Always love your erports of the show…… and hey, thanks for that Harvey Field webcam link !!!!!

  3. Bounder says:

    Hal, how can you be so circumspect with regard to meeting this particular quasi-royal personage and yet so injudicious with what you\’ve chosen to grace us with using your mobile phone cam? Just wondering….

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