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Recent Feedback, Part 1: The Good Kind

Not too long ago, I published a few million words on FSInsider about my role demonstrating Flight Simulator X to His Royal Highness Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant, Prince of Belgium. For those of you that read me here but … Continue reading

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Which American Incompetence Envies Afghanistan – Smallpox or Facebook?

I spend a lot of my workday these days tinkering with web stuff. I’m no stranger to the mysterious vagaries nor the vague mysteries of dynamic content roll-up queries and the like, nor am I an expert. I know just … Continue reading

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Sometimes, You Just Obey the Box

The other day, someone on the Flight Sim team sent around a screenshot of an early version of FS, side-by-side with a contemporary shot from Acceleration. This started a lot of us stumbling down amnesia lane, sending screenshots and other … Continue reading

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All the People That Come and Go Stop and Say Hello

Well, perhaps not all of them; I’ve never been particularly good at hypobole … But a number of visitors to this edge of the Internet do take a moment to post a comment or send an email. More often than … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Long, Cold, Lonely Winter

And it’s only November … This particular winter started, as near as I can tell, about the end of July, when Gerry Beck was killed in a landing accident at Oshkosh. Then, three pilots – Steve Dari, Brad Morehouse, and … Continue reading

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Coincidence? This Time, That Just Makes Me Worry About What’s Next …

Ian Fleming’s classic James Bond novel Goldfinger is divided, like most fiction has been since there was such a thing, into three acts. Taken from a line of dialogue spoken by the book’s eponymous villain, they are Happenstance, Coincidence,¬†and Enemy … Continue reading

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Mr. Mojay Risin’ …

In today’s world of mod cons like cell phones, electric mail, and constant messaging, I never buy stamps. On those rare occasions that I actually need them, I simply make my own, thanks to the miracle of blank labels, ink-jet … Continue reading

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