Going Solo

Regular readers and astute photo album perusers will recognize my ongoing love affair with old airplanes, in particular, the de Havilland Tiger Moth.

This is not the story about how, after more than thirty years of wanting, I found my way into a circle of friends-turned-family who who got me up and flying in Moths, then a full-on checkout. That story is coming. This is simply a slice of breaking news.

I’m in what a dear friend refers to as "my belov’d southern Ontario" as I write this. Before I came on this latest trip, I got my US pilot’s license validated by Transport Canada, in effect giving me a Canadian licence as well. This means that when I go up with my friends here, and they let me fly, I can be pilot-in-command.

And, as the title (stolen with all respect from Roald Dahl) suggests, just a couple of hours ago, in the last light sky before sunset, I flew a 1941 DH82C through a couple of circuits as sole occupant.

And I didn’t break anything.

Here’s to the dreams that don’t end in disappointment. 

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24 Responses to Going Solo

  1. Richard says:

    Congrats Hal! that\’s a true achievement. And actually 2-in-1…. getting a Canadian License and flying the Moth! (what was more of a challenge actually?)
    Greetings from the Eh?-Team!
    on sale now: unique pedigree genuine Canadian penguins! Take this chance!

  2. Roy says:

    Good job Hal.
    I am, as always, jealous of your adventures.
    I happen to know of several Moths for sale…

  3. Owen says:

    Congrat\’s on your solo, Hal!  So is everything downhill now? :)Best,Owen

  4. Francois says:

    You are SUCH a lucky man !!!! Most of us will never ever get closer to your goal than to stare at one of the Moth\’s in a museum… if that at all. And you fly them !!! :-))
    Congrats on making another dream come through…. and make sure to enjoy it every second !!!
    Kind regards,

  5. Steven says:

    I was blown away when arriving at Duxford when we were no 3 in the circuit to a Tiger Moth and a Dragon Rapide. I think the smile says it all !!!!!!! 

  6. maxime says:

    Fligt simulator X est tres interessant.j\’y jourais milles fois!

  7. Bobby says:

    Wow… jealous is an understatement. Congrats to you on such a remarkable adventure!

  8. Unknown says:

    That aircraft looks real familiar Hal.  Congrats. I saw your name in the journey log.
    I flared it at 8\’ in front of eight thousand people at the St. Thomas Airshow yesterday.
    But it\’s O.K. cause I am made of humble pie.
    Brad,     Waterloo,  Ontario, Canada

  9. Philip says:

    First of all congratulations on the solo and your "Canadien" license. I read your FSInsider article and loved it. Mainly because when I return from Afghanistan I plan on completing my Private Pilot license here in Canada (plus play on FSX which I will miss for 6 months). I look forward to reading about more of your adventures (hopefully in Canada, Quebec city has some great scenery to see from the air.)
    Keep up the good work
    Phil Rochon
    Shannon, Quebec

  10. Earl says:

     Great stuff.
     I\’m from Ottawa Ontario my man and got my PPL at Rockliffe Flying Club here in Ottawa. That Tiger looks almost as good as my FSX version I fly (grin). They are a great plane, and I am an old "Prophead" now, 60 ys old,  no longer flying because of medical reasons. Its nice to see people fullfilling their dreams…….. Good thing the have Flight Sims, aye

  11. Enio says:

    I am jealous of your adventures too…good flyght´sssss

  12. Unknown says:

    Hey, where did you fly that Moth?  I flew my first Moth in the 80\’s from the Brampton Flying Club (CNC3).  Flew 3 times, then never flew again because those guys there were hogs on the AC. They did not want any younger flyers to fly them as they felt we were too much for them. I had to tell them the average age during the Moth time in action was 18, but they felt these old AC were for the old fogies. There were 5 of us that were in our teens and eventually were kicked out because they wanted older (50 plus) pilots to fly them. Now they have only have three pilots flying them as the rest have past.  My group refused to fly with them because of their attitude. We found another club who wanted us. I flew the Lancaster Bomber from HM twice with the late Captain Foster who trained me, and certified me. Took me 17 hours to certify.
    Now I fly mostly Sim and 172, 737, and 747. Training on A380 and A340.

  13. Unknown says:

    WOW!!! congrat\’s on your solo and a moth to boot, way to go.  I have been flying for a very long time even flown a 1937 ford tri-motor all the way up to 757\’s but never a moth or anything of it\’s type. and to solo in one, Now that\’s one for the grand kid\’s. ( Well when your older and have some!!) you will never no matter how old you get forget your solo. and if you don\’t already know you have inspired kid\’s to take up flying for real, keep up the good work and keep the story\’s coming.
                                 Best to you and the gang at MS flight sim U
                                                                      David Twoflutes

  14. Stephen says:

    That is FANTASTIC. Living my "dream.". Congratulations!

  15. Jeff says:

    Congrats on the Moth flight! How intrinsically COOL! I work line service in Waco, TX and have been out of the sim-scene for almost 15 years. With my new laptop, I\’m finally back in the game. I recently got to ride in my first single-engine as well as my first tail-dragger, a 1948 Stinson. Granted, she\’s no fighter, but she flew like one! Hey, feel free to drop (softly, if you please) by the Waco Regional and Texas Aero FBO in that Tigermoth for some good ol\’ Southern Hospitality. The coffee\’s on…..

  16. Léonidas says:

    Le jeux est Superbe mais je suis comme la majorité des Français, à ne pas comprendre l\’anglais. Alors ? eh bien! un moment ça va, on découvre et puis on est découragé à force de vouloir tout décrypter de travers. On se lasse et on laisse tomber. On achète des jeux de classe inférieure, du moment qu\’il n\’y a pas de traduction écrite et verbale. Voilà, je dis ce que pense les milliers d\’autres Français. Léonidas628 ( A quand les JEUX US, 100 pour cent en Français ???)

  17. Massimo says:

    Hi I am very interested in flight eversince i was ten (now 13) I have wanted to become a pilot but have kind of hesitated what do you think about flight and/or as a profession? Let me know… Hope that flight was a good one

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