Which American Incompetence Envies Afghanistan – Smallpox or Facebook?

I spend a lot of my workday these days tinkering with web stuff. I’m no stranger to the mysterious vagaries nor the vague mysteries of dynamic content roll-up queries and the like, nor am I an expert. I know just enough to get it wrong three times, then right on the fourth try. At least one of the three tries finds me cursing the designers of a particular software tool we use occasionally, though I tend not to do so loudly, as there’s at least slim chance they’ll overhear.

Anyway, I’ve noticed every once in a while that Slate Magazine’s headline listings on the MSN home page get munged together in wonderfully senseless ways. If I happen to see an instance of this first thing in the morning, I’ll stare at it angrily for a minute or so, as if the downward pressure of my eyebrows will somehow squeeze that part of my brain that is certain that, while it agrees that what I’m reading should make sense, just shrugs and returns only a gruff "…can’t help ya."

Then, happily, I remember the immortal words of Francisco d’Anconia–"Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong."

Of my premises, I’m not sure if "Things on the Internet must make sense" or "Software people don’t make mistakes" is the faultiest.

Regardless … here’s my current favorite. Don’t stare too long, it won’t get any better.


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1 Response to Which American Incompetence Envies Afghanistan – Smallpox or Facebook?

  1. Francois says:

    Actually that had me raise my eyebrows, not frown….. and then grin.Sadly though, I can\’t provide you with an answer….. at least not one that would make any more sense than the question.Francois

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