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It’s a Hoax, a Fake, a Flim-Flam, a Humbug, a Canard, even!

So there’s an email floating around the Intertubes that purports to show a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress being transported on an aircraft carrier. The image is accompanied by the following text: While this may look like a gag shot, it is … Continue reading

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The Devil is in the (Inattention to) Details

Last year, I was beset (if something happens twice, I can say it beset me, right?) by strange messages from vending machines – a gas pump that asked me to remove my NO2 and a stamp machine that prompted me … Continue reading

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G L O R-I-A!

The latest post from Fearless Widget, a video homage to an airplane I know well – the lovely Miss Gloria!  

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On Yellow Wings

    Last summer, I had the good fortune to meet Rob Kostecka while I was visiting the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, ON. Rob noticed my Tiger Moth lapel pin (yes, I’m aware that I have a problem) … Continue reading

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First Moth Passengers – A Happy Thanksgiving, Indeed!

  From L-R: Me, my wife, Muffy, and my dad, Hal. (Photo by Al Gay.)   Earlier this month, my wife Muffy and my dad (who also goes by "Hal" but I’m not "Hal Jr." – it’s complicated) and I … Continue reading

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Things You Don’t See Everyday

First of all, here’s a clip of a 747 doing a "low and over" in Portugal. Not quite "acrobatic" as the original YouTube post suggests (though the climbing turn at the end might break through 60 degrees of bank …), … Continue reading

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From Out of the Clear Blue of the Western Internet …

Comes Sky King! Sky King was a television series that ran in the US in the 50’s (see the Wikipedia link above for the convoluted history of networks and run times) that was based on a radio series by the … Continue reading

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