Reno 2007: Prologue

I Should be Writing About Toronto, But I’m Here in Stead
Reno / Stead airport, that is, the home of the 44th Annual National Championship Air Races, where I’ve blown into town with yet another army of volunteers, demoing Flight Simulator X: Acceleration. This event is unusually timely, given that the ability to fly the Reno course in multiplayer is a key feature of FSX:A.

Before I got here, however, and after I left Germany, I had a fantastic if all-too-brief trip to Toronto, where I did a day of press demos and interviews for an amazing range of Canadian media. I will tell that story and share some pictures, but I’m going to fiddle with the order of things here by necessity, since I’ll need to provide some reasonably timely (and, thanks to the elevation, oxygen-deprived) updates from here in the high desert.

Even that won’t really start just yet, because it’s late or early or something, and I’m tired from yesterday’s setup and today’s semi-public dry run.

So, here’s some pictures to look over. I’m going to go take a nap.


The simple and understated elegance of our hotel lobby, a poignant reminder of why you should never use a hair dryer when bathing in Pepto-Bismol.

Mirrors make small spaces look bigger. I get it.

Here’s a shot of the bed in my suite, taken from the campsite which was as far I as I got the first night. I hope to summit before first light.

My first look at the famed "home pylon", the inspiration for the changes I had made to the centerpiece of our booth.

The booth, complete with newly customized center bit, basically up and running after setup.

Check out Flight Sim, get bombed – a look at the bar in the corner of our VIP lounge area.

Another part of our lounge, complete with first-class airline seats and a radial-engine coffee table.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have a race … The first public run of the multiplayer Reno race mission.
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1 Response to Reno 2007: Prologue

  1. Owen says:

     Nice pictures, Hal. I really like the modification to the center tower. BTW … did you bring your own plasma\’s this time? :)Best,Owen

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