It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated



And we were … FSX was nominated for "Simulation Game of the Year" by the Oscaresque-sounding Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. As someone who has been credited with working on a number of relevant titles over the years, I am a voting member of the Academy.

We’re up against a PS2 title I’d not heard of called "Tourist Trophy", and "Sid Meier’s Railroads" – Sid’s name is not exactly unknown in the PC world, since he’s been producing games (including a number of combat flight simulators) since 1982, almost as long as FS has been around.

I’ve never used either of the other two titles (so I don’t know what kind of frame rates they get) so I went ahead and voted for Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada".

Actually, they don’t permit write-ins, which is probably just as well. People like my friend Mike who voted for Ronald Reagan as "Best New Age Pianist" in a Keyboard magazine poll back in the 80’s would be spanners in the works.

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2 Responses to It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated

  1. Owen says:

    Tourist Trophy is a motorcycle simulation created by the same folks who created the popular Gran Turismo series.  It is pretty good, but I wouldn\’t say that it holds any water compared to FSX.  I don\’t know much about Railroads.  Best of luck!Owen

  2. Francois says:

    Compared to THOSE FSX should hold its ground easily…. but then again.. who are the judges ??? 😉

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