There Are Hungry Children in the World Who Don’t Even Have Offices!

So you won’t find me complaining about the fact that I’ve moved to a new spot in our building, a converted conference room that has been subdivided in what I’m forced to admit is a respectable manner. not cubes, but not quite separate rooms either.

As soon as Brett learns to whisper on the phone, or I go deaf, it will be surprisingly peaceful up here on the second floor. We (the community team, in order to form a more perfect union … ) have our own conference table right in the middle, which is nice. There’s even a picture of us in our first official meeting:

I’m the one with the evil goatee and the RCAF shirt. Also pictured, from L to R: other people.

In other news, we’re talking a lot more about Train Simulator these days, at least out loud. I won’t be working on it directly – in fact, we’re looking to hire a "Train Sim Hal" – but it’s nice to see the franchise revived.

As far as FSX is concerned, work on Service Pack 1 continues apace, and the early performance benchmarks have me feeling cautiously optimistic. Why cautiously? Because I spent 8+ years as a Test Engineer, and 7 years as a police officer before that, which means I don’t trust anyone or anything at all ever.

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