Well, yeah, it was a little, but I don’t think it actually did that …

From the Archive – 11/29/05

What’s that smell? Oh, I know . . . it’s "old blog".

Sorry about that.

The last post seemed to be pretty well received, and a number of you have asked if we get other email messages like that. Unfortunately, almost all of our customers are sane, rational people with good ideas, and better grammar, so there’s not that many good ones to choose from. My personal goal for some as-yet-unannounced future version of our product is to really corner the loathsome and sad segment of the market . . .

I do, however, have two all-time favorites – one of them is lost, buried in an archive somewhere, but it consisted of a series of lengthy diatribes about how the sunsets in Flight Sim are not "anatomically correct". The best part was that the sender started each message with the disclaimer "I am legally blind".

Thankfully, I still have a copy of the other one and, even though I regret pulling out the big guns at this point, I’ve got to do something to distract the audience so that they forget how long its been since my last post. Here it is, with just one character edited for the family audience:

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Sun 2/25/2001 4:41 AM
To: FS Ideas
Subject: PROBLEM !

I purchase your flight Simulator 200 game and i get an error that is
not suppored anywhere …. now that shows how cheap your support is
and we have to pay for it …. evreytime i fly around 3 minutes after
my takeoff or even just as i take off i get an Illigal Operation error
starting the following:

FS2000 caused an invalid page fault in
module TERRAIN.DLL at 0167:20c3942b


For the record, he was actually using Flight Simulator 2000, not Flight Simulator 200 (the like trees and mountains edition). Unlike MD, however, I can’t be too hard on Mr. X. Nobody wants their software to crash, and his raw frustration and peculiarly constructed profanity still resonate around here, 4 1/2 years later.

Here’s hoping that the next one isn’t sux, and doesn’t do that other thing to anyone.

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