On the Other Hand

(From the Archive – 1/13/06)

If you really want to see what the life of a software tester isn’t like, you could dive into the nearest cultural dumpster and flush 87 minutes of your life down this cinematic low-flow toilet . . . No, I haven’t seen it, but in the tradition of self-styled experts everywhere, I refuse to let that stand in the way of my proferred opinion.

It’s interesting to me that Allen Covert’s character is billed as the "World’s Oldest Video Game Tester", because he’s . . . 35.

Briefly and uncharacteristically setting aside the "video game / simulation" semantics, I was born in May of 1968, which makes me . . . more than 35.

Thankfully, my boss, Steve, is slightly more more than 35 than I am.

Adam Sandler, if you’re reading this, I’m willing to consider an out-of-court settlement.

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