Is Something Always Better Than Nothing

From the Archive – 11/09/05

A good pal of mine, when I was floundering around with muttered apologies for not having written in so long, offered to loan me an excuse, which I’ll reuse here: "I’m just a man whose circumstances went beyond his control." Normally, I wouldn’t quote Styx, and neither would she, but, as another friend’s father once said, I’ll take my truth wherever I can find it, domo arigato.

To those of you who still check back here to see if I’ve jotted down anything new and have repeatedly left scowling in disappointment, I’ll borrow from the dearly departed Douglas Adams, quoting the creator’s last message to all creation: "We apologize for the inconvenience." To the other approximately 6,567,664,338 of you that don’t read this . . . bang the rocks together, guys.

The ranks of Aces bloggers have swelled dramatically since last I wrote – Susan Ashlock (Enguaged), Brian Hunt (Habibi), Adrian Woods (Torgo3000), and Mike Zyskowski (Skyhawk) have all gotten started, and, so far, they’re providing interesting and particularly useful posts, exactly like I don’t.

I actually do have a couple of real posts in the works, but mainly wanted to fire this one off to make sure that anyone who finds mine follows the links to the others. That, and I wanted to give Jason Waskey a heart attack by actually posting something.

More probably follows.

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