Hoi van Microsoft naar FS Magazine!

(From the Archive – 12/13/05)

Just a short note to say "Hoi" and "Dank u" (I hope those are correct – if not, I’ll try to get it right next time) to our new friends at FS Magazine in the Netherlands – check out their site, especially if you read Dutch . . . They were kind enough to post a link to my blog a while ago, and, suddenly the post that they mentioned had more than 5 times as many hits as any of the others!

When I saw the hits coming in and looked at the site, I realized I needed a translator . . . In retrospect, I could have gotten a hold of my old friend and Microsoft Flight Simulator MVP Hans Van Whye, but, with all due respect to Hans, it seemed more like a job for my dear friend Mariska Wimmers.

Mariska, aka Mik, is a costumed superheroine who works at what I call the Hall of Justice in the Hague. She guards her identity closely, but there is an unconfirmed report that she looks something like this.

Anyway, as expected, she responded quickly, translated the article for me, and then sent a nice note on my behalf to the FS Magazine staff. Many thanks and veel liefs to her for her help, and to FS Magazine’s temporary webmaster Ferry Spaan for the support and the nice response he was able to send in Dutch and English. He even posted an update article mentioning the fact that I’d seen the site. Yes, Microsoft heeft FS Magazine gevonden – I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Speaking of hits, in looking at the sites that link to articles on my blog, I got one hit from Google’s Polish language site, because someone was looking for the phrase "you are a loathsome and sad little idiot". I hope they weren’t too disappointed when they ended up here.

And now, back to my Christmas shopping . . . .

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