(com)Promising Transitions

(From the archive – 5/25/06)

Posting here after two and a half months feels a little like coming home after a vacation and discovering that you left your front door open  . . . there’s just so little actually here!

That should change, for the better, here pretty soon. It seems I’m leaving the ranks of the Flight Sim Test team after 8 years. To see what I’m up to now, and to get a hint about one of my first tasks in my new role, head over to: http://www.fsinsider.com/Community/From-the-Team/

I’ll be doing a lot of writing over there (if it isn’t obvious, I’ve already written a piece or two) and then, if my new boss has his way, I’ll head back here to make fun of what I wrote over there.

Or something like that.

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